If there ever were a pen of the people, it would be the BIC Biro. Known for its simplicity and accessibility, the ballpoint pen now rests amongst the legendary pens we all remember using at one point or other in our lives. No doubt it has been the tool of choice for many, whether for doodles, signatures, stories or exams; the Biro has been there, done that, and signed on the dotted line.

But its iconicity doesn’t come just from the fact that it is a globally recognized and utilized product, oh no, it’s gained iconic status also because it challenged the status quo, it started a movement and-dare I say it- changed the world. Let me explain…

In a world dominated by fountain pens, BIC came along and introduced the world to a simpler alternative- a plastic disposable ballpoint pen with continuous ink flow. Long gone were the days of leaking cartridges and smudged writing, the introduction of the BIC Biro allowed for a smoother writing experience, free of blemishes and the burden of buying refill cartridges- thank God!

Having sold over one hundred billion and become a staple in stationary stores, homes, offices, and classrooms, the BIC Biro is an icon of today’s world. All other pens bow down.

Halima Dikko – Planning Intern