On the evening of July 6, 1972 during the broadcast of the popular show “Top of the Pops” on English Television, the world was first introduced to an androgynous alien whose visit challenged all our pre-conceived societal notions and how we defined ourselves.

His appearance was something none had seen before. His sound: mesmerizing. His message: exciting, hopeful, yet threatening. We were awestricken. That summer night, Ziggy Stardust’s beamed into our lives through the artistry and imagination of a man whose life would never be defined by convention.

Using the word define to talk about David Bowie’s life is at best an oxymoron; yet, none does the trick better than the word CHANGE.

Never bound by the common man’s rules, his iconic persona morphed and reinvented itself to the many iterations needed to ensure a lifetime of exploration and impact on the arts, music, fashion and popular culture. In doing so, David took us all on a deep exploration of our own selves, our prejudices, our beliefs, our values and ultimately our humanity.

His visit to our planet, while brief, taught us to open our minds, become fearless and explore beyond the known.

The alien’s impact reached further than his music did. In the end, he changed our perceptions and just as predicted, blew our minds.

Ludwig Ortiz – Group Planning Director