Long before there was the iPhone, there was the StarTAC from Motorola.

Before this handset came along all phones were the same. It was enough just to own one. Phones were big, they were slabs, they were pretty functional. OK, you still felt like Charlie Big Potatoes when you walked around Soho giving it the big one but they were not pretty.

Then the StarTAC landed. BOOM!

Suddenly you were Captain Kirk. When you got one of these out in a meeting you were suddenly the boardroom rockstar. You were a cross between Gordon Gekko, JR Ewing with a pinch of Flash Gordon.

You see, they were a clamshell. The first. And back then that was something. Motorola were the first people to understand that the handset MATTERED, nearly ten years before Jobs brought out his iPhone.

Anyone who was around in 1996 knows that if you wanted to show the world that you were a man not to be messed with then you needed a StarTAC. If you wanted to look cool in front the girls at the bar, you needed a StarTAC. Original, remarkable and certainly memorable.

The Motorola StarTAC was the phone the knocked all others on their arse. Until the Razr came along. But that’s for another day.

Kevin Chesters – Executive Planning Director