Game of Thrones is unusual for a TV show, because it genuinely has no main characters. You have to pick your favourite from a diverse cast; a decision made all the more important by the fact that anyone could genuinely get killed off at any moment. But, if you consider yourself an underdog (pro tip: every human being on planet earth considers themselves an underdog) then Tyrion Lannister is the man for you.

He’s the son of the richest man in the country. But don’t envy him, because 99% of that country’s population (including his dad) consider him a sub-human abomination unworthy of any semblance of dignity. Tyrion has a towering intellect, a rapier sharp wit and (weirdly for Game of Thrones) a truly chivalrous sense of compassion. But nobody gives a shit because he’s a dwarf. They just call him the ‘half-man’ and spit in his face.

None of this will stop Tyrion from being the biggest man in Westeros, though. When betrayers try to take him down, he runs rings around them with masterful subterfuge. When haters cuss him out in public, he smacks them down with the best comebacks in TV history. He parties hard and has shagged more tavern wenches than Russell Brand. He even delivered a literal bitch-slap to the most tyrannous king on the continent. But he’s still a man of unparalleled integrity and empathy. He is the leader Westeros needs, but doesn’t deserve.

Tom Cook – Planning Intern