English Motherf****r! Do you speak it?

If you do, and you’re under the age of 65, then you are probably familiar with his work. He is arguably one of the world’s most imitated artists of the past twenty years. Quentin Tarantino is the patron saint of scriptwriters. The Usain Bolt of movie directors. And just like Usain Bolt, he can break a world record and still find time for some self-indulgent posturing at the end. Bolt sticks his arms out and slows down in the last 15 metres, Tarantino inserts a shameless self-cameo with an incongruous Australian accent.

But what makes Tarantino an icon is how every element of his film-making has a distinctly unique flavour. Kurosawa has his axial cuts. Cuarón has his lengthy tracking shots. Scorsese has his minimalist slow-mo. But tune into any Tarantino movie for five minutes, and you know it’s a Tarantino (even if you’re not a huge film geek). His movies manage to be both blockbusters and avant-garde cinema at the same time. They appeal to everyone, apart from the easily offended.

I’ll never pirate a new Tarantino film, they are too much of an event. I might torrent the leaked scripts six months early, but I’ll always make that trip to the cinema on opening night.

Tom Cook – Planning Intern