Once a year I devour the flesh of a giant caterpillar, slicing open his skin and munching on his insides. Then I pick off his delicious shoes and eat them one by one.

Colin The Caterpillar Cake has become a symbol of English celebration. Conceived in 1990 he recently celebrated his 25th birthday and judging by his Instagram, Colin knows how to party. He can be found at every type of shindig, from a raucous kids birthday party to Boris and Dave’s Conservative soiree. Imagine the things his chocolatey eyes have seen.

Forget Mick Jagger or Keith Richards, Colin is the original ‘Party Animal’. Screaming girls regularly fight over his face. He loves having hot wax dripped all over him and usually comes home without any shoes.
As if that wasn’t enough to cement his place as a British Icon, Colin is just so damn delicious. Mary Berry once said that he inspired her to choose a life of baking over a life of crime.

ColinThe Caterpillar:
2740 calories,
100% iconic.

Tom Espezel – Creative Placement