Only recently have I realised the extent of ‘minions’ popularity.
They’re so common now that I think I see at least one minion at some point every single day.
They’re everywhere – it’s actually a little bit scary.
First introduced as relatively minor characters in the popular children’s film ‘Despicable Me’, last year they got a film all to themselves.
And from the world of film, they’ve now been exported into what seems like almost every other area of culture – both online and offline.
Online they inhabit a world of endless memes, where they seemingly accompany any non-descript ‘funny’ or ‘inspirational’ quote. There’s even an entire Facebook page dedicated to these ‘Minion quotes’ with over 1 million fans (
Offline, they pop up in all sorts of unexpected places up and down the nations high streets – on everything from shampoo to headphones.
My personal favourite is the ridiculous minion flavoured ice cream I once saw in an ice cream parlour. How do they have a flavour?!
It’s this absurd level of entrenchment in popular culture, and their ability to connect with such passionate fans all around the world that make them so iconic to me.
Will they pass the true icon test and endure? Who knows, we’ll see.
But for the moment, they’re one of the most popular icons I know.

Rhonwen Lally – Planner