As a youngster, my mum and I would go to the video shop every Saturday and choose a video to watch that evening. And, every Saturday, I would insist that we rented out the same film: Grease.

All told, I’m pretty sure that I have seen Grease 156 times. And, as a consequence, I know it inside out. As I’m sure many of you readers do, too.

(Admit it: you’ve been that person who’s added the Grease megamix to the playlist at Lucky Voice because you love nothing more than belting out the final bars of Summer Nights. And you probably know which character you’d be, if you had to choose: Sandy or Rizzo, Danny or Kenickie, Frenchy or Patty Simcox.)

It’s a film that is deeply ingrained in popular culture. Scene after scene has implanted itself in our collective memory.

The opening scene featuring a summer-loved-up Sandy & Danny on the beach.
The opening credits.
Summer Lovin’.
The girlie sleepover gone wrong.
The moment in Hopelessly Devoted when Sandy mournfully stares at her own reflection in the pond.
Greased Lightning.
Beauty School Drop-Out.
The drag race.
Born to Hand Jive.
Then, finally, Sandy rocking up at the funfair, clad in her all-black off-shoulder catsuit and muttering the immortal line, ‘Tell me about it, stud.’

Instantly recognisable, often referenced and frequently pastiched, Grease’s popularity endures to this day, almost 40 years since its first release. Why? It’s corny, it’s retro, it’s cheesy, yes. But it’s also infectious in its energy and unavoidably upbeat. A pop, feelgood classic.

But then, maybe I’m biased. I have seen it 156 times.

Ellie Beecroft – Planning Director