Sometimes it’s hard to write these when it’s a client. It isn’t in this case.

I always say that there are two sides to gaining, sustaining or regaining icon status.


Fact – what you are.

Act – what you do.


What I love the most about Honda is their mission. To become a company that society wants to exist. It’s hard for any company – beyond Unicef – to be something society wants to exist. Its even harder for an engineering company. And harder still for a CAR company. But Honda has never been a car company.

Honda has been, since its inception, a collection of motivated, inspired, innovative engineers who just so happen to make cars (amongst other things). Created and sustained in the image of their iconic founder, Soichiro Honda. The mission he set out on is great because it allows Honda to think and act beyond their sector.

And this is what makes them such an iconic brand to work on and for. The fact means that they can act differently. This has led us to some beautiful and effective communications for a company that has and retains icon status in my eyes.

Kevin Chesters – Executive Planning Director at mcgarrybowen.

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