All I have to do is hear the tell-tale sound of those rings being collected (or lost in collision) to be instantly transported back to my student room – a world of angst, Carter USM, dubious personal hygiene and cheap kebab meat.

Sonic was, and is in my humble opinion, the Don of gaming. He was less sexy than Lara Croft, less ubiquitous than Mario and a little bit less lucrative than Pac-Man. But he was front and centre of a Sega-franchise that sold over 80m copies worldwide. He was the vanguard of the first console war before Sony or Microsoft had even started production.

He fulfilled one of the key roles of an icon. Spokesman (thing, it), representative, figurehead, symbol.

He literally WAS the franchise. He was Sega. He still IS Sega. He was the spokesperson. The Fidel Castro of the Console. The Sir Alex of the late night, cheese-on-toast fuelled mega session. I’ll even forgive him his slightly dodgy later years with that crap fox thing that followed him around.

I’d have slept with Lara. But I’d have married Sonic. (I’d definitely have killed Ecco the Dolphin)

Arise Sir Sonic.

Kevin Chesters – Executive Planning Director