Name the definitive secret service agent, notorious womaniser and ultimate British gentleman and no one comes close… ‘The name’s Bond, James Bond’.

He may have undergone numerous facelifts and reinvented himself over his 62 year history; being played by 6 actors to date, written by 10 authors, including his creator Fleming, and appeared in 24 films. But what makes him worthy of iconic status is the impact he has had on generations of men, and women, across the globe.

Perhaps one of the key reasons for his ability to endure is by reflecting the times, some may even say defining the times, over six decades – and in so doing earning his rightful place in popular culture. The 60s gave us the smooth, debonair, suave, macho Sean Connery (can you tell he’s my favourite), with a brief encounter by the more vulnerable Lazenby, followed by the lighter comedic touch of the 70s with Roger Moore, to the stiffer Timothy Dalton reflecting the PC 80s, to the PC backlash with the materialistic 90s and designer Bond Pierce Brosnan to the current recessionary times with Daniel Craig’s ‘damaged-goods’ version of Bond.

But whatever his outward persona, and yes he may be a fictional character, Bond has an undeniable impact and power to be a source of inspiration to men everywhere. How many boys, and men, have dreamed of, and continue to dream of, being James Bond. Whether it’s the lifestyle, the gorgeous girls, the penchant for a tailored tuxedo or the sheer amount of gadgets that are a contributing factor, James Bond is the ultimate iconic male hero that we have taken to our hearts as quite simply… ‘nobody does it better’.

Nicole Reid – Business Development Director