Get your motor runnin’, Head out on the highway. Lookin’ for adventure, And whatever comes our way.

The highway – deserted and dusty.

The look – black leather and blue denim.

The mode of transport – it’s got to be Harley Davidson.

From Robocop and The Terminator to Rocky, Brando, Fonda and James Dean, there has only been one choice.

Over 100 years ago, William S. Harley & Arthur Davidson started consructing these iconic bikes. The legendary ‘Hog’ imagery coming about after a live pig was carried around on a post race victory lap.

It was always my father’s aspiration to own one, the closest, sadly, that he got was a couple of T-shirts and a Triumph Bonneville. Some of this desire must have rubbed off on me as an impressionable tweenie; rather than posters of Take That and Boyzone, my walls were adorned by Fatboys, Choppers and Sportsters. There was just something so cool about the chrome and the customisation.

Sadly being only 5’2 it’s unlikey I’ll ever be able to climb onto one let alone hold it up. Still, perhaps one day, a leather clad adonis will carry me off on his low rider into the sunset. I can dream!

Claire Archer @clairelarcher