As an Aussie in London there really is a special feeling when you land at Heathrow Airport, finally get through customs and commence your journey to London town in a traditional Black London Cab.

There’s something about that cab journey that signifies London. More than Big Ben, more than the Thames and even more than Buck Palace (sorry Queenie).

Why? It’s timeless, it’s classic, its shape is recognisable from a silhouette, in its front seat sits a driver who is so knowledgeable and so passionate about his city that he can’t help but to load you up with a few random facts. It knows those London streets better than any form of technology you could imagine. It’s so black and shiny with its little light popping up on top, and its little seat inside that folds down just for someone to face the wrong way. You see one coming towards you and there’s no mistaking it, it’s a black London cab. It’s a bloody icon.

This is more than just a cab, more than just a ride, more than just a journey. It’s an iconic London landmark that should hold its head high amongst its aforementioned counterparts.

If only it could drop its prices a little I might actually catch one and delete my Uber app!

Brooke Del Gallego