The Orangina glass bottle.

A thing of beauty. A work of art. A true icon.

Evocative. Tactile. Romantic. Unattainable (for the other 358 days of the year)

And gloriously impractical. In fact I’m convinced that you actually get less of the lovely orangey stuff via this delivery mechanism than through any other.

But who cares?

It evokes childhood memories of the amazingly exotic (to me) foreign campsites we used to visit when I was a kid. You couldn’t get Orangina in the UK then. So it was only a holiday treat. It made the dull cans of Vimto or Tizer we got in Stoke seem like Hilda Ogden (look her up) compared to Audrey Hepburn. Even when I look at it now I am instantly transported to a time & place of magic.

What makes an icon? A feeling. An emotional connection. Uniqueness. Love beyond reason or logic. This bottle has it in spades and then some.

Remarkable design. Powerful memories. Original in both look and feel (oooh, that nobbly glass).

Just the sight of it makes me wish I was back in my ill-fitting Clarks sandals in Les Girelles Campsite just outside of Marseilles. I could put up with mosquito bites and sunburn for it.

Kevin Chesters @Hairychesters