I don’t chew chewing gum that often, but when I do chew, I only chew Wrigley’s Extra.

I’m giving it icon status for two reasons. The first is that it was part of my childhood. Not a big part, in fact a really small white rectangular part. But a part all the same. The little blue pack would always come out before visiting relatives or, for some reason, getting on the bus, as though we would be denied access to public transport if we had bad breath. And you could always count on finding a pack in the kitchen ‘miscellaneous drawer’ – you know the one.

The second reason is the way they put them right up there in your face when you’re in a corner shop in those special little chewing gum stands. My eye is always drawn to Extra. I actually feel like buying it will make me a better, fresher person. It’s everything a chewing gum brand should be. It looks so fresh. It sounds so fresh. Go on, say it out loud. It sounds minty.

Sure I’ve dabbled in Airwaves and had a brief thing with Orbit (my Grandma’s brand of choice), but for me, it has to be Extra. You know a chewing gum brand is an icon when just saying the name can make you taste the minty freshness.

Paul Bailey @paulandrussell