Nothing’s more British than a cup of Yorkshire Tea.

Although almost indistinguishable in taste and look to many other tea brands, Yorkshire Tea has come to represent far more than merely a hot, brown, milky drink.

Firstly, Yorkshire Tea has created a status for itself that far transcends the functional benefits of tea. The brand represents an emotional idea of what it means to be British, and is intrinsically linked to the rolling hills of the Yorkshire countryside.

The British ritual of tea drinking gives us a form of daily escapism into this imagined place.

With history dating back to 1886, and an honest heritage in the Yorkshire countryside, the brand has stories that give it a level of authenticity and status that cannot be achieved by newer brands in the category.

One thing in particular that I’ve noticed about Yorkshire tea that rarely happens with any brand is that it has an almost obsessive following.

This fan base (albeit small) is passionate about the brand – they don’t just want tea, they want Yorkshire Tea. It’s this fan base, along with the brand’s story, emotional connotations and classic, bold design that have lifted Yorkshire Tea out of the realm brands, and into that of icons.


Rhonwen Lally – Planning Executive at mcgarrybowen

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