I could tell you that the two laurels represent success; something fans of my age barely remember.

I could explain that the funny little nose thing is actually Prince Rupert’s Tower – a local landmark that leads, via a tunnel, to the River Mersey.

I could even paraphrase the Latin motto if you like, but none of these things make this badge an icon.

No, like all football crests, it’s the stuff it represents that make it iconic.

At least in the eyes of us true believers.

Those fleeting stratospheric highs lightly sprinkled over a lifetime of mediocrity and disappointing home defeats to Bolton Wonderers.

The hope, the joy, the despair the injustice; all forever entwined in my life, and that of my family.

Without it I doubt I would have ever hugged my brothers.

Without it I would have probably gone through my teenage years barely saying more than two words to my late father.

Religion demands similar amounts of blind faith, but at least with religion there’s the promise of eternal happiness in the hereafter.

With this icon the best we can hope for is a good cup run and occasionally not being last on Match of the Day.

David Cornmell – Creative Director