I tend to find that I’m rarely ambivalent on anything. Ketchup or brown sauce? Absolutely the latter. Coke or Pepsi? Of course it’s Pepsi, for fifty reasons just off the top of my head. And Big Mac vs. Whopper, don’t get me started.

Now they both deserve iconic status in my opinion for being original, remarkable and very (very) enduring flagships for their respective brands. But I’ll always come down on the side of the BK hero – and not just because it is superior on every level of taste and content.

It could be the iconic, almost primeval role that fire plays in the product. After all, it is FLAME-GRILLED people. Flames, fuego, the centre of life. It’s a strong central theme in the whole BK menu that gives them a belief and a story to base icon status upon.

It could be that I can’t see a photo of the fabulous combo of lettuce, tomato, patties and bun without reaching for the nearest fiver.

But I think it might be simpler than that when it comes to tipping it into the icon column for me. I think it’s in the name.

I just hear it and I’m already half full.

It’s not just BIG; it’s a whopper, people.

Seven letters that tell me that this thing is going to do the business. It’s a hunger exterminator. This thing is going to take those pangs and beat them to death. Quickly and probably not too quietly. Chuck Norris meets Mrs Beeton.

The Whopper. It’s a big old icon and it’s here to stay.

Kevin Chesters – Executive Planning Director at mcgarrybowen.

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