With 40,000 search queries per second.

It is the world’s third most valuable brand;

With a market capitalisation of $360 billion.

It is a colloquialism;

A verb within The Oxford English Dictionary.

Founded in 1998, it is still (relatively) young.

Well, at least, for an icon.

How did this teenage brand become an icon?

The answer, I believe, is simple.

It “serves end users”.

This means the customer is priority number one.

This means short-term risk for long-term reward.

This means purpose driven decision-making.

As the company’s founder once wrote:

“We are not a conventional company;

And we do not intend to become one”.

So …

Do you want to be a conventional company?

And be held hostage by short-term shareholders.

Or …

Do you want to be an icon?

And report to your customers before anyone else.

Oh …

If you still don’t know this company, ask Google.

Michael McCourt – Planner @ mcgarrybowen