The story starts with a village boy born in 1899.

This ordinary boy became an extraordinary man.

This man became an icon.

You may have seen him in black and white photographs.

A bearded face; smoking a cigar.

You may have seen his stories in films.

You may have listened to them in song.

Or, like me, those stories may rest upon a bookshelf in your bedroom.

This man lived a life of action, adventure, agony and art.


A two-time plane crash survivor.

A volunteer in WWI.

A bohemian in Paris.

A bull-fighter.

A fisherman.

A hunter.

A writer.


This man was, still is and will forever remain an icon.

This man, after all, had set out to become one.

This man aimed to be different and distinctive.

To be true to himself and his ideas (regardless of ridicule or reviews).

To live the same lives that his characters led.

To tell stories with authenticity and adventure; With emotion and empathy.

This man had a sense of duty and determination.

This man was adventurous and courageous.

This man was brave.


The Literary Equivalent of the Nike Swoosh.

The Great American Novelist.

The Nobel Prize Winner.


Ernest Hemingway.

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