I am eight years old.

I am building The Temple of Anubis in my bedroom;

LEGO brick by LEGO brick.

These bricks became my personal playground.

And, well, I was not alone.

There were similar children, all over the world;

Who built out their own imaginations;

LEGO brick by LEGO brick.

Today, more than 400 billion bricks have been sold.

The company also has more than 100 retail stores;

And six theme parks (with three more on the way).

The brand site has over 20 million monthly visitors;

And 10 million people ‘Like’ LEGO on Facebook.

The simple brick has become a blockbuster movie;

An art exhibition, application and gaming franchise.

It is an iconic analog product;

And an iconic digital brand.

LEGO is not just a toy manufacturer.

LEGO is in the broader business of play.

After all, LEGO comes from Leg Godt;

Danish for ‘Play Well’.

The product may not have changed since 1958;

BUT the experience of the product has changed.

As play evolves, the business evolves.

As the business evolves, the brand endures.

This is what makes LEGO an icon.

Michael McCourt – Planner @mcgarrybowen