Once something or someone has worked its way up to iconic status, they are likely to be immediately recognisable. Be it by voice, silhouette or logo, icons are easily remembered. Sound, in particular, has a way to stick around in our heads like no other sensory experience. And no other commercial sound leaves such an imprint as the Intel ‘bong’. Or more rightly the ‘bongbong bongbong’.

Created in 1994, the distinctive sound marked a brand new era for the company, who wanted to be seen as keeping up with the quickly advancing processor technology. They also realised that empowering consumers with knowledge of the difference a great processor can make to technology, meant they could make more informed choices.

This gamble proved successful, and the ‘Intel Inside’ campaign with the now famous Intel swirl, massively paid off for the company.

But a further push was needed to solidly set the brand head and shoulders above the competition.

This is where TV comes in, and with it, the ‘bong’ to underline each advert. Years before McDonalds’ ‘I’m loving it’, these five notes by Austrian composer Walter Werzowa, were born as the simple sound rendition of the words ‘Intel Inside’.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the greatest, and this one was enough to cement Intel into everyone’s memory.

Matilde Pratesi – Social Media Strategist at mcgarrybowen.

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