The single best thing to happen in confectionary ever, ever, bar nothing.

But that’s not what makes it iconic.

It’s has incredible packaging, a superb logo and has done some great ads over the years, but this is also not the basis of what makes it an icon for me either.

Sometimes you’ll find the basis of an icon story in a founder story or myth.

Toblerone has that in spades with Theodor Tobler, but that’s also not what makes it an icon for me.

Not the main reason, anyway.

I think its iconic status is created and cemented by its utter product uniqueness.

No other product on earth is as iconic completely naked.

Outside of the iconic bottle, Coca Cola is just a brown liquid.

Same goes for Absolut. Just a colourless spirit.

But Toblerone? That amazing triangular incredibleness.

It is more iconic unclothed than it is inside its tubular cardboard brilliance.

And as a product, it is totally a one-off.

It makes you work for its loveliness.

It hurts a bit to eat, it’s not easy to snap & it gets stuck in your teeth.

Toblerone’s icon status for me is completely confirmed by the simple fact that there is nothing else like it on earth.

Kevin Chesters – Executive Planning Director at mcgarrybowen.

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