The FedEx logo roars onto the list of icons for the simple reason that it totally nails the three rules of icon status:

Original – the first principle of creativity.

Remarkable – everyone loves talking about it.

Enduring – Twenty years and counting (and I bet it’ll last for 120)

In his amazing TED talk from 2015, Roman Mars talked about the five principles of classic design.

He listed them as:

Simple / Max-3 colours / powerful symbolism / No words (oops)/ Distinct.

He could have been talking about my all time favourite piece of corporate ID – the FedEx logo.

It is beautiful.

And it is powerful.

And it communicates the core benefit of the service whilst giving you a little reward.

(that negative space arrow – blimey!).

And all with 5 letters, three colours and no fanfare.

It was listed as one of the top 8 logos of the last three decades by the 35th American Icon issue of Rolling Stone.

That little arrow in the centre.

So good, so simple, so clever.

Every logo designer on earth should pay homage and bend the knee.

I absolutely adore it.

You probably guessed.

Kevin Chesters – Executive Planning Director at mcgarrybowen.

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