There are very few icons in modern history with a stronger impact on music than Amy Winehouse. Sadly now part of the ‘27 Club, Amy’s iconic status is undoubted. To explain why she qualifies as an icon is almost superfluous, but I’ll try anyway.

Amy always came as a package. It was impossible to listen to the voice and lyrics without thinking of the person and troubled history. Her body and face were her music and her music was her. There was no filter between the person on stage and the girl running wild around Camden, nights on end, desperate to be loved. She could look helpless, lost at times, but when she got on stage and opened her mouth, she was ten feet tall and her timeless soul could fill a whole room in a second. She was the voice of heartbreak, strength, vulnerability and love. The oversized flicked eyeliner, pouty lips, massive beehive and tiny dresses are so incredibly recognisible that her silhouette is all is needed for artists to recreate her likeness. And many have.

Does something or someone become iconic in time, or should some time need to pass for an icon to form itself? I’m not sure. But she was born fully formed, no doubt.

Matilde Pratesi – Social Media Strategist at mcgarrybowen.

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