IKEA sells cheap furniture, but what it represents is far more than what it sells. The populist, universal and classless nature of the brand make it a true icon of everyday life.

From every corner of this country, we flock to IKEA as if for some kind of pilgrimage of consumption. A right of passage, if you like, for any university student, home-leaver or house-mover.

I would suspect that almost everyone I know has a piece of IKEA furniture in their home. Its affordability and accessibility makes it something for everyone to enjoy. Since 1987, 12.8 million mattresses have been sold in this country, which is nearly one for every two households in the UK. Even more impressive – it’s estimated that one in five children in Britain were conceived in an IKEA bed.

It’s this cultural and physical presence within our lives that make IKEA a true icon of our time. The ‘wonderful everyday’ indeed.

Rhonwen Lally – Planning Executive at mcgarrybowen.

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