The Maglite torch defies analysis.

Is it shinier than other torches? No.

Is it more expensive than other torches? No.

Was it the first? No.

Is it the brightest? No.

Does it last longer? No.

There is no real what, there is no how, there is no why to the reason Maglite is the perfect icon in my opinion.

There is just something beautifully, intangibly, superior about it.

And that’s the thing with icons.

Sometimes they just ‘get it’, they just are.

That’s why they’re loved and why they endure.

Beyond reason or logic.

It’s not just how lovely it feels in the hand.

It’s not just that I could stare at its form for hours.

It’s a little bit of both and a bit more besides.

If you’ve never owned one, go and buy one.

You’ll fall in love with it.

You’ll never want another torch.

You’ll never need another torch.

Unless you want a shinier one that lasts longer.

Nice logo too.

Kevin Chesters – Executive Planning Director at mcgarrybowen.

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