There were loads of ‘starlets’ of the 1950s and 60s. Two-a-penny. Hollywood churned them out like shelling peas.

But there is only one Monroe.

Is it because she was the first? No, many had gone before. Is it because she was the prettiest? Who can say, but I think there were equally beautiful actresses who came before and after. Is it because she starred in anything particularly successful or award winning? No, because she didn’t. Is it because she had a tragic demise before her time? Possibly, but this alone cannot explain longevity and impact, Is it because she understood how to package herself and then take that package out to the world in the simplest, most memorable and inspirational way to a generation?

I think so.

She understood how to package sex into one 5 foot 5 bundle of amazingness and take it out to the world. She had the right amount of ‘fact’ (Local girl, Norma Jean) and ‘act’ (the dress, the pout, the carefully nurtured vulnerability).

That’s why she’s an icon.

Kevin Chesters – Executive Planning Director at mcgarrybowen.

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